Oh wow. I wanna thank the world for my fucking wonderful life. So fucking awesome. So fucking not biased. Wow.

Cos you don’t and won’t get it.

Life sucks.

why is it that you’ll have been emphasising abt attitude for years yet you’ll are disregarding it now. why is it tht we’ve been taught and psychoed and everything only to see proof of what it is not right in our eyes? why.

Gotta trust and believe.

argh quite HJDWHDNJSKBDn now. its like we’re trying to make it work and others are trying to screw it up. WOW. -pissed- ignoring the world doesnt mean that you dont have to face the world.

SOOOOO, i shall conduct a surveyyyyyy. ahem.

i feel like a whiny little bitch nowadays. too bad i suck at verything i do. dammit.

CAMP’s outtttt.

camp’s over. just like tht. i’ld be lying if i said tht camp sucks. cos it rocks. omg i miss camp sooooooo much/ the very very very fun times with bombax, the cool stuff we did at night. and the food. OMG THE FOOD. lol. GAHHHH I MISS EVERYTHING OF CAMP NOW LOL. CAMP SICK. hurhur. Whatever it is i (hope that i’ll) remember it forever. such nice and fun memories we had with one another :X

… and sth else i just remembered. i find it damn retarded tht ppl like to ask like somewhat rhetorical questions. like wthhhhh. like how do you expect someone to answer to: why are you so rich? then the ans would be what? that my parents and grand parents have money. seriously -.-“

it went back to point 1.

really, i wasnt blaming you for what happened to me, well, maybe blaming myself for letting my emotions affect me so much. i guess, sometimes, you can be hard on yourself for something. but really, i dont appreciate you acting like a record repeating and repeating my mistakes like it would kill you if you dont tell anyone. hmm, BNCO camp sooooon. pretty sure i screwed up the exam. oh well, its over. although i still get some sortta nightmares abt it i guess it doesnt really matters. i really wonder whats up with all the fuss of BNCO. Aft much interaction, my group is indeed quite fun. i really really dont get why ppl keep cursing abt it when they have cooler ppl with them. you’ll just hafta live with it!. JLPT soooon. like, SHITTTTTTTTTT. havent studied omgggggg. gotta look for past years papers nowwww. sayonara :)